Experienced Artist, Graphic Designer, and Marketing Specialist crafting innovative art for clients worldwide.

Hi, I'm Lisa Cush


Who I am & what I do

Lisa Cush

Artist and Marketing Specialist

I am an artist, writer, and dreamer who paints because I can’t play the ukulele or juggle. I live in Colorado, but have lived in and traveled to many different places around the world. My experiences give me insights into different cultures and the motivations of a wide variety of people. My artwork can be found in multiple private art collections around the world.

I can help your company attract new customers with brilliant graphic design, social media marketing, and websites that motivate sales. My mission is to provide the best art, design and marketing to my clients.


A showcase of my works

I have designed everything from panyas to help eradicate the Guinea Worm in Africa to fine jewelry. I’ve worked as a medical illustrator, portrait painter, designer and marketing specialist. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Louisiana State University. Van Gogh, Renoir and Schultz influence my art.


What I'm good at

I have achieved consistent success designing, directing and implementing a broad range of creative projects, from conception to final product in fine art, design, illustration and marketing.

Social Media

I help businesses achieve their marketing and branding goals by creating beautiful and effective online communications.


I guide business owners on how to best say what they want to convey to existing and future customers. Let me help you with your messaging strategy.


I write great engaging, keyword-rich content that attracts new customers and keeps existing clients interested.

Graphic design

I create unique graphic designs that inspire the imagination.

Web design

I help build functional and beautiful websites.

Fine art

I create original fine art paintings and custom commissioned works for both residential and corporate art collectors.


I work with cool companies

The best companies operate with people in mind. Everyone can appreciate art. Being subjective in nature, different ART appeals to different people.  Great companies know a healthy culture is as important as a healthy balance sheet. The benefits of great art go far beyond minimum profits.

Earth Heart Industries

Earth Heart Industries specializes in personalized banking – a powerful way of thinking about and utilizing your money. I helped create the website and logo for Earth Heart Industries.

Ruth Washburn Cooperative Nursery School

Ruth Washburn  (RWCNS) is a beloved preschool in the Pikes Peak region with a history of over 50 years of educating young children. I have had the pleasure of helping RWCNS with many creative projects.

Steele Elementary School

Steele Elementary is one of the oldest schools in Colorado Springs, a school where tradition and innovation create life-long learners. I had the pleasure of designing the logo for Steele’s Spirit Gear.

Launch High School

Launch High School empowers graduates with entrepreneurial knowledge, skills & resources to create and capitalize on opportunities in pursuit of their passions towards economic and social prosperity.

The Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center

The Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center is the most visited attraction in the Pikes Peak region. I have had the pleasure of doing many creative jobs for the Visitor and Nature Center and the Garden of the Gods Foundation.


When the Target Corporation begins a remodel of an existing Target store, retail management and staff are given a Remodel Manual by the Target Construction Company. It was my honor to be selected to do the cover for the Target Remodel Manual.

Garden of the Gods Foundation

The Garden of the Gods Foundation is a charity to preserve and protect the Garden of the Gods Park. I have had the pleasure of designing the annual report to the community for the Foundation.

Dancing Goose Therapeutics

Kara Stutzman is the founder of Dancing Goose Therapeutics. Kara is an amazing writer, mentor, yoga teacher and healing Practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient healing art of harmonizing the body through gentle touch.


Don't take my word for it

Cynthia Santana

Personalized Banking Earth Heart Industries

Working with Lisa was so refreshing. Her out of the box thinking makes her ideas blossom. I gave her just a few ideas for my website and logo and the rest was all her doing. She really listened and it shows in the logo and website she created for me.

Megan Render

Greeting Card Artist and Owner – Self-Rendered Greeting Cards

Lisa designed my business logo and related items (business card, shop banner, product labels, product photos, etc.). The end result was beyond my expectations. She is professional, technical, and very creative. Lisa really listened to what I wanted, capturing my vision. She is now my “go to” person for my art and design needs.

Latoya Severa

Art Collector

My portrait painting by Lisa Cush is not only impressive, as she did it by memory, but also very complimentary. Lisa shows an appreciation for the human form in her art.

Kara Stutzman

Writer and Founder Dancing Goose Therapeutics

Lisa did a wonderful job with my business cards and also my book cover design! She even helped me figure out what look I wanted with her creative and professional process.

Amy Pieri

Chef and Owner – Cottage Kolaches

Lisa brought my small business logo to life! Her designs illustrate her ability to curate clients’ logo ideas regarding impact, color, and usage to create uniquely relevant and vibrant images. Lisa brings warmth and meaning to her production process, often incorporating specific elements of buildings, environments, and clients’ personal histories or mementos into each sketch. She offers a variety of drafts, allowing clients a final choice before honing details and presenting a polished end product. Lisa is professional and approachable, and is open to exploring any artistic direction. I won’t hesitate to collaborate with her again!


That’s how I work

Many times clients know they have a problem but aren’t sure what to do. I know how to ask the right questions to help clients succeed in their vision. To improve final results, I always do a little bit of research before designing any project for my clients.

Defining the problem

It may feel like a silly question, but why do you want this project? Knowing the reasons for wanting a project clears up the goal. Looking for a completely new image, an updated fresh look or simply a piece of art that makes a statement?

Conduct the research

Conducting research is the second, and one of the most important steps, in any project design. It’s also a task that will come up again and again, because research and design are cyclical.

Basic sketches

Sketching has its role in the design process. That role will vary depending on the product being created: size, scope and expectations.

Design & development

The process of constructing a project collects different perspectives within a plan that sparks effective outcomes. Once a plan is made, expectations for the project can be managed and aligned.

Final discussion

This is a simple but effective way to bring focus to insights uncovered and the ultimate problem to be solved. Together we can create a concise statement of the ultimate vision of your product or project.

Product launch

There’s nothing quite like the feeling after a successful product launch or project completion. It is exhilarating to see all of your hard work come together to benefit others. Let’s set a date and time for your launch.


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